Redfish Report & Grouper Fingers


Captain Jack

Redfish Report & Grouper Fingers

The redfish are a bitin’ – even with the cold weather these hardy fish are still hungry! Sorry no great redfish pics today – just wanted to post a quick fish report that the reds aren’t being too tempermental.

Got a good size grouper today & forgot the camera! Maybe I’ll post some picks of the fried grouper fingers we’ll have for dinner tomorrow night. Grouper fingers and cheese grits are hard to beat this time of year- o.k. ANYTIME is a good time for grouper finger & grits, but especially after a cold day on the water.

As for this tired Captain- I’m off to sleep so I can live to fight another day!

(This osprey was keeping watch over the weekend- airing out his wings in the wind- enjoying the view of Charlotte Harbor)

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