Fishing Southwest Florida in Cold Weather


Captain Jack

Fishing Southwest Florida in Cold Weather

When the weather in Southwest Florida turns cold, you want to stick to fishing the deep mud bottoms in areas that are well lit by the sun. The thicker mud holes that get plenty of sunlight will retain heat better than the more shallow, shaded areas.

If you are looking to get warm- you can bet the fish areĀ feeling it too. Whenever possible, you’ll want to seek out the more protected bay areas that have less exposure from the cold wind.

Another little winter time gulf fishing trick is simply to fish very slowly. By that, I mean to cast your line out there and let ‘er be. Fish close to the bottom and let it sit. You’ll want to use live shrimp or frozen bait on the bottom.

Don’t expect to load the wagon during major cold fronts with line and hook. But, the redfish do have to eat. Trout is open and the sheepshead bite will pick up on this upcoming moon. Hopefully, so will the temperatures!

Return to the flats with the warming trend after the cold front passes. Stay the course- they are bound to get hungry! Look toward that full moon for some livelier action.

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