Kayak Fishing the Open Ocean

  • By Captain Jack
  • Posted On: April 12, 2017

Ocean kayak fishing can be intimidating at first glance. Eager fishermen get into tiny boats and journey out into Mother Nature’s most fierce and unforgiving territory to catch some of her largest and strongest creatures. Though nature should never be […]

A Beginners Guide to Kayak Fishing

  • By Captain Jack
  • Posted On: April 7, 2017

  People ask me all the time “Jack, why do you love kayak fishing so much?” and the answer is simple. In what other recreational activity to I get to combine the relaxation and excitement of being outdoors and fishing […]

Different Kayak Types

  • By Captain Jack
  • Posted On: April 5, 2017

The Different Types of Kayaks Kayaking is a great way to stay active and get outdoors. Kayaking’s growing popularity over the last few years has made it more affordable than ever. Kayaking is no longer exclusive to adrenaline junkies chasing […]