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Author: Captain Jack

Best Polarized Sunglasses

What Sunglasses Do I Buy For Fishing? The second most used piece of equipment for any angler is their trusty pair of sunglasses. If you’re anything like us, you probably own multiple pair of sunglasses and they’re practically an extension of your body. Here at Fishing Southwest Florida we recommend investing the time in money in selecting the best pair of sunglasses for you. A good pair of sunglasses will last a lifetime and protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun.   Polarized or Non Polarized Fishing Sunglasses If you’re spending a lot of time...

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Tarpon Fishing In Southwest Florida

Each summer the annual tarpon run in Southwest Florida brings amateur and professional anglers alike to test their skills against some of the greatest sport fish the world has to offer. Starting mid-April through mid-July thousands upon thousands of adult tarpon make their way to the beaches of Southwest Florida, meaning world class fishing is just a short paddle away.   Best Equipment To Use   Whether you’re an experienced angler or just a novice looking for to chase the thrill of sport fishing; the biggest question is what equipment will I need? Choosing the correct setup largely depends...

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The Weather is Beautiful…and the Fishin is Fine!

The Weather is Beautiful…and the Fishin is Fine! Friday’s fishing trip wasn’t the best… BUT Saturday was a hit! Several big Reds saved the day- we also had quite a few trout who put up a good fight.  All in all – the weather is beautiful, and the fishing is fine! It’s a good time to be fishing in Southwest Florida! Fortunately, for us the Gulf waters are clear and the fish are biting!   The temperature is running about 75- 80 degrees on average, so it’s a perfect time to beat the winter blues with  our clear blue water and a fishing trip to Boca Grande. There’s no better place to come and thaw out. Ask us about making reservations for a place to stay. We have plans that can fit most any budget!...

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Tarpon Fishin- Fish’On Charters of Boca Grande

Tarpon Fishin- Fish’On Charters of Boca Grande Tarpon season hit hard and fast for me this year! I haven’t hardly had a chance to catch my breath- CAUSE I’m so busy catching ‘poons! I’m working on getting some new Tarpon pics for ya’ll- but I’m finding it difficult to pole the boat and shoot pics at the same time.  Being the dedicated Guide that I am, I’ve been putting the fishing ahead of the web site! This is a pic of my new business cards. Let me know what you think & if you have a need for some...

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Fishing Southwest Florida in March!

Fishing Southwest Florida in March! March has been a busy and rewarding month for fishing in Southwest Florida! We’ve had a great time along the Gulf Coast as evidenced by these pretty Snook pictures! And by these Redfish pictures: These good lookin fish were just a few of our prizes from a great time with friends and family this weekend. ……….the charters haven’t been too shabby either! I’ve been too busy to post much- but had to at least show off the catches from the Becton & Ross crew! See ya soon...

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